Gränsfors Bruk Ancient Axes


Since time immemorial, the axe has served as a tool, a weapon, a status symbol and a cult object. Gränsfors Bruk’s Ancient Axes are replicas of axes that were in common use several hundred years ago. However, this is just a small sample of the many axes that have existed over the years. In contrast to Gränsfors Bruk’s other types of axe, the Ancient Axes are not made to meet any particular function in modern society. They are more to show what axes looked like in the past. The axes differ greatly in their time and place of origin.

Gränsfors Bruk’s Ancient Axes date from the period between 500 and 1700 AD and most of them are of Nordic origin, although some axes from Central Europe have also been included. The replicas are based on archaeological finds and originals that can often be seen at one of our Nordic museums of history. The shape and size of the axes also varies greatly, depending on what the axe was used for once upon a time.