Hadleys is now a retailer of Kenetrek Boots


One of the most important pieces of your hunting gear is always your boot. If your feet give out on a 10 day backpack hunt, you are pretty much finished and your odds of success really go downhill. That's why we offer some of the finest boots available. Whether your hunt involves sitting all day on stand for a giant whitetail buck in Iowa, chasing elk in the beautiful Gallatin Range of Montana, or going after stone sheep in British Columbia, we have the perfect boot for your next adventure. You can count on Kenetrek Boots to get you there and back in complete comfort.


Mountain Hunting Boots

The Kenetrek Mountain Boots are the finest boots for mountain hunting ever made. They provide never quit heavy duty support only matched by their unbelievable comfort. Order your pair today! Recommended for any type of backpack or mountain hunting!

Pac Boot

The Kenetrek Pac Boot provides the finest fit of any rubber bottom waterproof boot style out there. You will swear you are wearing a quality pair of lace up all leather boots. Guaranteed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable even when walking several miles in rugged terrain. Recommended for late fall and winter hunting for anything from elk to pheasants. Because they are completely rebuildable, they are also the snow boot of choice for workers who have to be outdoors in the winter season.


Bobcat Zip Boots for Hunting Camp

Easy in, easy out is only half the story. We've sewn 4-way stretch panels into the uppers of these waterproof comfort boots so you don't have to forego stability for warmth and convenience. By sewing the liners to the back of the uppers, you can get in and out of them with one hand, and our super heavy duty zippers promise years of trouble free operation. Whether you're running to town, tossing some hay to the horses, or taking an after dinner stroll, you'll want these by the door all winter long.

Cold Weather Pac Boot

The extra insulated Kenetrek Northern boot is the cure for absolute frigid weather. If you have to be out when it is below zero, or you have had problems with cold feet in the past, this is the boot for you. Multiple layers of Thinsulate insulation and wool felt wrap your feet in cozy blankets of warm protection. Excellent for subzero temperatures, cold weather tree stand hunting, and ice fishing.


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